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Just click on the bar above to view all catagories.  If you have any questions / concerns you may contact us at Ted@TacticalTed.com or phone us at (252) 341-0329.

A portion of all sales will be donated to the to the National Rifle Association.


Please Note:  As their has been some confusion, at checkout you have the option of paying with a PayPal acount or paying directly with your credit or debit card.  Where you see "Please select the preferred payment method to use on this order", you will notice that the PayPal option is the only one avaliable,  ignore this and continue the checkout process.  On the final page you will have the option of eather using PayPal or clicking on "Pay with a debit or credit card or Bill Me Later".  By clicking on this you can check out without having a PayPal account.  A PAYPAL ACOUNT IS NOT NEEDED TO CHECK OUT.


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